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America’s finest city

Language trip to San Diego

With near-perfect weather, 轻松的生活方式和这个国家最友善的人, 圣地亚哥不愧为“美国最好的城市”. 它甚至可能是美国最好的语言城市, the perfect place to spend your summer, improve your English, and meet new friends from around the world.


  • The USA’s finest city
  • Laid-back Californian vibe
  • Vibrant cultural scene
  • The country’s most pleasant weather
  • Interesting and distinct neighbourhoods 
  • Great surf in the city’s many beaches

Our programs

English in San Diego
San Diego, United States
  • Age 16-19
  • Host family
  • Full board
  • English


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Learn English in San Diego

With California's beautiful climate, relaxed lifestyle and stunning scenery, San Diego has everything you could wish for. 该地区的自然美景提供了一切,从美丽的海滩到开放的风景, 加州悠闲的生活方式让你放慢脚步,享受圣地亚哥提供的一切. Experience the city's characteristic districts, large green parks, good surfing and a unique fusion cuisine. 去圣地亚哥旅行,提高你的英语水平, 与来自世界各地的其他学生见面,探索这座迷人的城市. 让夏天充满冒险,成长为一个人,成为你永远不会忘记的经历的一部分. When you do not have English lessons, 你和你的国际新朋友有一个紧凑的活动和远足计划. 一定要让你在圣地亚哥度过一个难忘的夏天!

Living in San Diego  

In San Diego, you live with a carefully selected host family, along with up to three other international students. 住在别人家里可以让你有独特的机会体验美国家庭生活,并让自己真正地被英语环境所包围.


在你的圣地亚哥之旅中,你要做的不仅仅是学习英语. 你的语言之旅充满了活动和远足,所以你可以探索这座神奇的城市,充分利用你的夏天. 活动安排取决于你要在那里待多久, 但在圣地亚哥你可以参加的一些活动是去附近的拉霍亚, a tour of San Diego's historic Gaslamp Quarter, several days at the beach, shopping trips and various sports activities.

About San Diego

虽然圣地亚哥是美国最大的城市之一(人口第五大), it feels more like a relaxed coastal city. The city has a calm pace, the weather is pretty much perfect, and the people are friendly and welcoming. 圣地亚哥和它美丽的环境有60多个海滩,你可以在那里放松,尝试不同的水上运动, discover beautiful parks, and eat amazing food. This is by far the finest city in the United States.

Quick facts

Language: English 
Inhabitants: 1.4 million 
Currency: US Dollar 
Summer temperature: 20–25 °C 


Travel to San Diego  

Once you arrive in San Diego, you’ll be met by our leaders or your host family, 谁会带你去你的临时新家,让你可以马上安顿下来,开始享受你的旅行. 


夏天最好的事情也是让我们的圣地亚哥之旅无法抗拒的事情:完美的天气, beautiful surroundings, time to hang out on the beach, adventure, 学习新事物和结交新朋友的机会. 如果你选择在这里过暑假,你会得到所有这些,甚至更多. The things you do, 你遇到的人和你创造的回忆将伴随你的余生. Go to San Diego and spend the best summer of your life!