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Language trips to Malta

Year after year, Malta is high on the list of our most popular destinations, and it is not difficult to understand why. With wonderful weather all year round, a fascinating mix of cultures and fantastic landscapes, it is the perfect place for an unforgettable language trip.

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English in Malta
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Learn English in Malta

马耳他对那些想学英语的人来说是完美的:它是英国的前殖民地,英语在那里, and Maltese, are the official languages. 这是一个美丽的国家,位于地中海中部,有着漫长的夏季和蓝绿色的海水. On our language trips to Malta, you get a mix of lessons in the classroom, fun activities, and exciting excursions, which means that you will quickly improve your English. 您将与来自世界各地的年轻人一起度过一个难忘的夏天. 我们经验丰富的老师确保您从英语课程中得到最大的收获, 研究材料质量高,并与欧洲共同参考框架相联系. 不要错过在你难忘的多事之旅中发现这个美丽岛屿的机会!

Living in Malta

On our language trips to Malta during the summer, you can choose to stay at a resort or with a host family. 这两种选择都很受欢迎,所以选择最适合你的一个.


您的马耳他语言之旅不仅仅包括英语课程. 您的领导组织了许多有趣的远足和活动,让您在与您的新朋友享受乐趣的同时,享受马耳他最好的一面. 以下是在马耳他的一些活动:在美丽的首都瓦莱塔度过一整天,最后参观5D电影院, several days on the beach, volleyball tournament and a visit to Sliema where you can shop. In addition to these activities, your leaders will organise a Student Party with music, snacks, and lots of dancing. A fun way to end an eventful day!

今年的新情况是,所有的活动都包含在你的旅行中, 包括前往蓝礁湖的短途旅行,在那里你可以乘船游览,并融入美丽的环境中, a harbor cruise with a guided tour, sailing with a catamaran and a Beach Party.


In addition to the activities included, you also can add a day trip to Sicily, and if you feel adventurous, you can also take a diving certificate!

About Malta

马耳他位于地中海中部,位于北非海岸和西西里岛之间. 该岛以其历史文化而闻名,有长长的沙滩,标志性的马耳他船只和独特的城堡和寺庙形式的建筑. The country consists of three islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino), 但我们的学生在马耳他的主岛上生活和上学.

Quick facts

Language: Maltese and English 
Population: 434,000 
Currency: Euro (EUR) 
Country code: +356 
Area: 316 km2

With foam parties, beach volleyball and lots of sunny days, I got a sun tan nearly as fast as a I got fluent in English. / Freja Johansson

Traveling to Malta

No matter where you travel from, 当您抵达马耳他国际机场时,我们的工作人员将在机场迎接您. Depending on where you have chosen to live, 你和我们的领导去聚会的地方,你的主人家庭张开双臂欢迎你, or to your resort with the other students. 所有的活动都是由我们敬业和经验丰富的工作人员领导的,他们确保您在马耳他有一个安全和有趣的逗留.

Weather and Climate

马耳他属于地中海亚热带气候,夏季干燥炎热, while the temperature during the winter is around 15 ° C. The summers are always sunny and rain-free, 但在冬天,这种情况在多云或暴风雨天气中并不少见. In spring and autumn, it is around 20 ° C, 所以游泳季节很长,从4月持续到10月. During July and August, the temperature is often above 30 ° C, so be prepared for some hot days, from morning to late evening.


ballbet体育登陆 has been organizing trips to Malta for several decades, 在此期间,这个阳光明媚的地中海岛屿是我们最受欢迎的目的地之一, attracting students from all corners of the world. 马耳他是那些想学习英语同时享受完美夏日天气的人的理想目的地.